5 thoughts on “Leftovers/Part 1

  1. Oh my gosh… love it… good friends or not.. It is up to the hostess to offer leftovers to people…If someone brings something… yes, you should have the plate or dish clean and ready for them to take home… but sorry the food is yours…
    Faye … great to see you

  2. Love this bit! When you bake\cook something and bring it to the home of someone who has invited you to dinner (holiday or not), I think you should think of the baked good\dish as a gift to the hostess. If this gift does not get consumed during dinner, the leftovers are now the property of the HOSTESS. If you bought a nice sweater over wrapped in a lovely gift box for the hostess, you would not ask for it back if the she did not have time to run upstairs and put it on before you left. C’mon people! In terms of taking leftovers home, I think it is fine to do so if, and only if, the hostess has offered.

    Nice job guys! – Alexis

  3. Hmmmm–interesting conundrum! I usually make more than enough. If I am especially happy with how the food turned out, I will stash some for myself in a tupperware…then I’m happy to offer leftovers. I agree with Kelie–that it would be off putting if someone was hacking away at a ham. I was invited to a ‘bundle up bbq’ on a terrace and the hostess grilled way too much. She offered leftover steak, and once I got past the dogs in the lobby, I was thrilled to have ribeye for breakfast and lunch the next day. I would not have asked for the steak…

    Love your videos 😉

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