Life is good in the Kitchen

Question: What kind of props do you have?

Faye Delicious: I have one high quality knife, one cheap tiny one, one large really good saute pan and one really good small one, 2 pasta pots, a vegetable peeler, a cheese grater, a cutting board, 3 whisks, 2 ladles, a spider, 2 rubber spatulas, 1 pair of tongs, mixing bowls that I love, both antique and brand new, and an Alessi 6 cup espresso pot.

Question: How often do you cook?

Faye Delicious: Everyday.

Question: Are you kidding?

Faye Delicious: I’m not kidding.

Question: How often do you shop?

Faye D.: Once a week. There is no grocery store to speak of in my neighborhood, so every Tuesday afternoon, I drive to Fairway in Redhook. (I serve the seafood as soon as I get home with the most perishable vegetables, and freeze all meat and poultry.) If I could, I would shop everyday. If I could, I would wake up, brush my teeth, and walk to a market to stand in front of fish caught that morning and fruit fit to bursting and perfumed with Spring and Summer, snack on fava’s snapped from the pod, ponder pasta shapes, breathe over by the fresh bread, and pick out chocolates that have a shelf life of 2-3 days. Then I would go home and cook.

Statement: You’re a little bit weird.

Faye D.: I know that.

4 thoughts on “Life is good in the Kitchen

  1. A spider is a long handled, flat circle with holes in it, used to lift things out of hot oil or boiling water. You can find it restaurant supply places, usually in the section that has the east asian supplies. I love it. I forgot to mention my sheet pans (2) and my food processor. I do love a good food processor.

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