Live TV

My own son has just reenacted the second to the worst episode of Super Nanny that I ever saw. I was looking for money (in my own home) to get him an ice cream, and all of a sudden, without the noise level really changing, the whole house got awfully quite. Ferdinand had unlocked the door to the apartment, both door to the outside of the house, and was out on the street, nowhere to be seen, but you know how you know, and I knew he was out there. I went out, I called, he was no where, I came back in the house, called, nothing, back out, and there he was. Now if I were a serious mother, we wouldn’t be eating dinner for a week, maybe even a month. He would be lucky if he got lunch for the next few days, but lucky for him, my compulsion to feed is stronger than my compulsion to discipline. I might just feed him worms though or wobbling tofu or nuts and liver with cheese. That’ll teach him.
Otherwise, if all is going well at your house, how about keilbasa with buttery soft rolls, and arugula tossed with lemon and olive oil, and then one of my all time favorites the forgotten Waldorf? Somewhere around now, little apples are coming in, and you just slice those up and toss them with raisins, lightly toasted walnuts, a little shallot or fresh chive, some finely chopped celery, and either homemade mayonnaise or your favorite one out of a jar. Season it with salt, pepper and some lemon juice. Have juice pops with berries frozen in the juice for dessert. You can just bring 1/4 cup of water and the same of sugar to a boil for thirty seconds. Blend two cups of watermelon and add two cups of chopped strawberries. Add the sugar syrup to taste with a little lemon or lime juice. Put a bolt on your door, and threaten to take away all ice pops for a life time. I’ll tell you if it works.

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