Make it hefty

At midnight there was a procession through the town with Don Franco in the lead, and nobody talking the whole way, which was very impressive, because it doesn’t happen often around here that nobody is talking.
This morning, the long faces are gone, and the shopping shoes are on.
The bakers at Dolce Forno stayed up all night last night to get as many cakes and Easter breads into the oven as possible. Le ciacce, (pancetta studded bread), pane formaggio (domes of bread with both grated and huge chunks of parmesan), serpente (sweet snakes made from ground almonds, egg white and sugar), and massive chocolate eggs covered with hand made sugar flowers with a present inside are stacked up wherever there is an inch of space.
I have ordered one of each, and I might just eat all of it tonight with our Saturday supper I’m making cannellini (white beans) braised with garlic, olive oil, and a sprig of thyme, ever so slowly, and then I’m going to add finely chopped carrots, onion, celery, and garlic that have been sauting for a good half an hour until they are melted.
I’m always nervous on the first day, but you know people forgive you for typos and stuttering, and even for wearing your shirt inside out, if you give them a good dinner and a hefty glass of wine.

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