Make pastry cream

I am not doing so great. Not terrible; no walls are falling down. It is just a weariness from putting my world in order, which has to be done.
You can, not go to the dentist, but it is not going to be pretty or make it any easier in the end. There is no way through but through.

I tell you this, not because I want to. I would rather tell you how to make a creme anglaise so good that there is no such thing as saying no thank you. The kind of creme anglaise you have to pull up a chair to and get serious with.
I tell you this, because if you are struggling with whatever is working your subterranean nerve, you are not alone.

Creme anglaise

Creme anglaise 1 cup cream, 1/2 vanilla bean, cut down center and scraped with all added to pot. bring cream and milk to a simmer. Whisk 3 egg yolks with 3 tablespoons of sugar until thick. Add a bit of cream to egg yolk, then a bit more, whisking constantly. Return to a simmer, never allowing to boil and always whisking. When it coats the back of a wooden spoon and your finger dragged through what is left on the spoon leaves a mark, it is done.

Serve it with an apple tart or just a spoon for direct dipping in.

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