do you not know how to edit
when what you know is more than
you should say

how to keep your lips tight

when it has been made clear from the
beginning that this is not the place
for noise

or truth

what you think
is a storm at sea
what you feel
is the earth about to open.

I don’t want to know
about the rumbling underneath your skin.

deny it

there is no need for climate change
for Goodness sake

stick to one yarn color.
not shades of orange from the inside of a flame
not the magenta of rose petals that they use to make a satin tube top
Definitely not the full black of a night sky
so dark you can’t see your hand in front of you when you hold it up.

the color of the night sky can’t be contained in a stitch.
orange breathes. magenta bleeds. black is infinite.

you are supposed to hold that in.

eat it.

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