Maybe I’ll go the drugstore for new eyelashes

Yesterday I called Workman’s Comp, health insurance that all employers are required to have for their employees, and found out I can register for it 3 weeks ahead of opening date. I called the IRS and was told there was a 30 minute waiting time to speak to a representative 3 different times. I am on (forever) hold with them right now. To change the electric bill of the space to our name we need to email our 20 page lease, our EIN number and proof of our LLC (limited liability company.)
I can get on that when the tax man answers the phone. I won’t hold it against him, maybe he’s the only guy in the state of NY, or maybe he gets no vacation and so he takes 20 minutes between calls to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.
I am working my way through the four steps for setting up a food establishment on the NYC.GOV site:

1) get your EIN number (check-ish, since I am on forever hold; the music is seriously quiet so hoping I don’t doze off.)

2) Read through and memorize “operating a food establishment”. This was funny. When I entered the address for the document it read “this page is not available.” 311 had no number for the Health department. I found it buried in a site not related to NYC. I called and asked about the document and they said, “Oh. That’s not available right now.” Hmm. “Do you know when it might become available?” “Hold on.” Long Pause. “They are working on it.” So I can’t check that box.

3) Begin completing forms for Health Department Permit. There is a download for this which includes and Application for Permit, that has to be submitted w/official EIN (this is really holding me up) a permit fee ($280), proof of mailing address, affidavit form (wait, what?), photo ID, copy of Workman’s Comp and Disability Insurance Coverage with the NYC Dept. of Health as the Certificate Holder, a notarized copy of the Business Certificate and if operating under an assumed name, certified by the County Clerk of Queens, (I’m starting to tear up now; it’s too much), a food protection certificate (I HAVE THIS!!).

Oh my God.

Yesterday I made a green apple chopped salad with tomatillo, cilantro and scallion. Just olive oil and red wine vinegar. It was good. Or maybe it was just better than being on forever hold.

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