meat sauce, not so much, but I’m working on it

I loved the seared pork loin with garlic and shallot and thyme, and then once it was seared, thrown in the oven, and basted every once in a while with a little stock that I had simmering on the back of the stove and just a splash of balsamic–making a pot of stock is critical to menu testing. The sauce was the kind of thing you wish for when your tongue is wanting just a little something smooth and rich and deep. No more than a sauted, diced shallot with a sprig of thyme, and then a cup of a full bodied red wine boiled down to nearly nothing but a glaze, and then a tiny shot of heavy cream, and a knob of soft butter whisked in. The pork loved it, and I loved it.
The pumpkin soup with onions, garlic and fennel was also good. I forgot to buy a piece of Fontina to grate over the top, but I will.
I loved the ceci sauted with garlic and a little toasted tomato paste and fried sage leaves, and spoonfuls of hot stock until it was saucy enough for the pasta. I added a pepperoncino for little bit of zest and smashed about half the ceci to thicken it.
Pesto with heavy cream and fresh bread crumbs added was not entirely necessary, but you know neither are a lot of things, but they make life good.
I wasn’t so impressed with the red sauce with tons of seared off pieces of meat, tomato paste and no onions, so I have to work on that more today. I am thinking I’ll add the onion, once it is caramelized, along with a few sausages.
Fennel, tossed with flour, dotted with butter, and braised in a little cream and milk was divine. I covered it with parchment to protect it during cooking, and let the liquid cook out entirely until there was a golden brown crust on the bottom. I ate the entire pan.
Also good, paper thin sliced potatotes, with a layer in the middle of paper thin sliced onions, a few bay leaves, a few thyme sprigs, a spill of red wine, all dotted with butter.
If you ever need a new lease on life, cook all day, everything that you would love to eat, and everything you may have wondered about, until you drop, and then call the people in, and eat and eat and eat.

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