I can’t figure out how to clean my chef’s coat, which is a problem when you’ve just made over a hundred meatballs. My mother gave me the job of laundry when I was twelve years old, and my husband took it away from me when I was 40. “This is an example,” he said, “in which 5000 hours of practice haven’t helped.”
Would you rather have clean clothes or a meatball?
Soak half a cup of torn up bread in heavy cream. Fry off a piece of good bacon and chop it up. If you have a little left over chicken, chop that up. If you have a few sauteed shitake mushrooms left over, chop one of those up as well. Whisk an egg and gently mix it into the crumbs. Add a few tablespoons of tomato sauce and a pound of ground, organic beef. Mix lightly with your hands. Saute an onion and a half clove of garlic with a sage leaf, a rosemary sprig, and a few leaves of parsley until delicious. Combine everything and taste for salt and pepper by frying up a mini meatball in the pan. Brown all the meatballs, then finish in a 400 degree oven until just cooked through. Make a marinara with 28 oz of whole plum tomatoes, blended with an immersion blender, or squished with your hands added to 3 cloves of sauted, halved garlic, and a few sprigs of parsley. When the meatballs are ready, pour the sauce over. Serve with a side of polenta.

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