Sunday it was the castle of Gradara,a fortress from 1100 where Paula and Francesco were condemned to a ring of fire of Dante’s inferno for a kiss. My God, the damage a kiss can do. We walked along the fortress walls and through the bedrooms and great halls, had lunch on an herb covered terrace over looking the great town clock and then went home to make hand rolled pasta (with a wine bottle) with crushed pignoli, lemon zest, tiny bit of garlic, herbs and olive oil from Le Marche.
We seared off slices of leg of lamb marinated in rosemary, garlic and olive oil, had a salad of trevise, butter greens, red onion, peaches and gorgonzola and for dessert, tiramisu.
Yesterday we walked over the emerald water water of the river to Fossombrone to wander through the open market. We had gelato before lunch and then a zuppa di mare of clams the size of my pinky nail, branzino, and shrimp in a broth of tomatoes, garlic, marjoram, parsley, white wine nectar of the gods from Terracruda, a bit of homemade vegetable broth, bit of butter and bit of olive oil all over bruschetta. for our main: smashed cannel ini with sides of roasted yellow pepper and Swiss chard. dessert: lemon tart. Today: Urbino

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