Montevarchi, Pereto, and the road

At Bonci We ate faro with tuna and capers and tomatoes, orzo with pesto from home grown basil, platters of mozzarella and tomato, platters of salumi and prosciutto, panzanella , foccaccia of all types, and  lardo sliced as thin as paper that had been pressed in a marble sarcophagus.  We laughed and drank and ate until we could eat no more with the Bonci family.  On our last night at Pereto we set up a table outside with candles and colored banners and flowers and ate pasta with lemon, fried fresh herbs and fresh arugula leaves, chicken stuffed with mascarpone, lemon, and rosemary, eggplant roasted, then layered with fresh mozzarella and plum tomato sauce with fresh basil, and a dessert of flour less chocolate cake and bruti ma buoni, almond cookies made from egg white, almonds and sugar that are as ugly as they are delicious.  it wasn’t until nearly midnight that we went to sleep, so it hardly seemed real the next morning when my group left me and my kitchen and my love for everything else that was meant to be.

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