No Pie for You

Kelie, Tuesday at 10 am: “I came out of Wholefoods with my heavy Thanksgiving meats, including a ham that put me in the poor house (why is ham so expensive?). My goal for Thanksgiving is to show up at the dinner table and still have my hair.”

Kelie, Wednesday at 11 am:  “I am hosting Thanksgiving and doing everything under the sun that goes along w/that; how can I come up w/an easy, no fuss sure to hit them right dessert? I’m at the point where I don’t want to do anything else…but I’m only making one pie. (I’m making two but only ONE is for the guests.)  I need something else that is sure to please or at least looks good!

Faye, Wednesday, 9pm:  I have the solution–Last Chance Chocolate

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