No trains from Fiumicino to Termini

So after waiting half an hour listening to announcements of ten more minutes or maybe not, maybe 15 minutes or 30 minutes or possibly cancellations for the rest of the day, I got on the train to Tiburtina. the beauty of changing in Tiburtina is that the ticket costs nearly half, the station isn,t crowded, it,s brand new, and the track you have to get to for the train to Cortona is not three miles away like it is at Roma Termini. The bar at the station isn.t great, but if you go up the outside stairs and cross the street there are three decent places for a sandwich and a coffee. Caroline (bless her) picked me up at Camucia, I did nearly all the grocery shopping for today and tomorrow, bought the wine, delivered it to the house, loaded up the wheelbarrow about three times to get everything from the car to the kitchen, then left the last load of food next to the car in the wheelbarrow and drove away. I fell sound asleep at 7, slept til 9, did more shopping and knew for sure I was in Italy when the lady at the cash register asked a customer “did you make your ravioli?”; I came back to the house where I cook, and there is the wheelbarrow and every animal in the field screaming “WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING? WE COULD HAVE EATEN ALL OF THAT!
Thank God they didn,t. I made myself a sandwich and now I,m cooking for all of my lovely students, about to arrive. Lentils, roasted epplant and tomato, pecorino from Val d,orcia, finichiona, a salame from Tuscany, salad and biscotti with Vin Santo

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