on a Monday

fried up pancetta stessa in little cubes for carbonara, set them on paper, brought the water to the boil, seasoned it with sea salt, whisked egg yolks, parmigiano Reggiano, black pepper, bit of cream, bit of the pasta,s boiling watermto temper, strained the pasta, tossed with the pancetta over a low flame, the off the the flame, everything together with more cheese and drops of the cooking water to smooth it out. second course, braciolette or little pork chops over the fire with pickled zucchini and carrots and tiramisu for dessert. they were well fed, but a tiny bit sad that no shops were open on the Monday in Sansepolcro and that the guide was a bit hung over and that lunch stretched well into the afternoon of another cloudless day. Thank goodness the wheat was reaped and ground outside the kitchen door before we lit the candles for dinner in the garden. today they have gone off to Montepulciano. Montepulciano doesn,t believe in closing; I am confident that they will come back healed and hungry.

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