On the job

I know I sounded like a fool standing in the pouring rain as my group was heading off to Cortona for cream filled meringues, saying “I think I see the sun in the left hand corner of the sky over there; it’s coming, I can feel it.” It is the job of the leader to be positive, and sure enough, it was glowing by lunch time. They enjoyed their meringues, and then had lunch at La Grotta and I think they have great faith in my potential as a weather woman.
We made gnocchi for dinner with the first shoots of fresh sage on the top of a plant that I am sure is older than I am. Three fist sized potatoes with a half teaspoon of salt, and a cup of flour. I add an egg, even though they say you aren’t supposed to. Even a little parmesan cheese. Mash the tater and mix everything together ever so gently with your hand until it feels like a soft bread dough. Roll it out into snakes, touching it as little as possible. Cut it off into bits about a half inch long. Get it into boiling salted water, and take them out as soon as they reach the top of the water. Serve with a sauce of garlic sauted in your best olive oil, sage leaves, and butter whisked in right at the end, on a low heat. Sprinkle with a little more parmesan before serving.

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