On the list

The gas jets are on full and the cow is out back.  I am about to start the engines for a French test kitchen.  A girl has got to make a living, and if the world wants French, then French it is. When I was learning how to cook from the Great Marjorie Wolfson, she said–you can cook anything as long as you know how to make something taste delicious.  And so with that in my hat, on the 5th of November, I fly from Pisa to Paris, to teach a whole new country of food.

French News:  Excuse me madame, but are you French?

Faye:  No.

French News:  And you cook French?

Faye:  Yes.

French News:  And so, may I ask, when did you start?

Faye:  Today.

French News:   And you teach when?

Faye:  Next week.

French News:  You are not so worried, maybe even a very intense panic?

Faye:  No way.

French News:  Do you speak the language of French?
Faye:  In cooking, the language is love.  I love chocolate and I love transforming it into heaven.  I love cream, I love slowly simmered leeks and truffles and cheeses made with the dedication of a grandmother holding a newborn and boeuf braised in a deep red wine until it is tender enough to bring tears to your eyes.  And I know how to teach that.
French News:  Je l’aime.

Faye: I knew you would.

On the list for today:

Boeuf, Creme Caramel, Chocolate Souffle, Potato Gratin, and Beurre Blanc

The kitchen already smells delicious and my husband is looking happy.

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