Easter Dinner

Chocolate.  That’s it, and I am serving early.

In case things change, here is the menu:

Loin of pork on the bone stuffed with mixture of homemade bread crumbs, hint of fresh lemon zest, parsley, sage, rosemary, garlic, fresh fennel, and olive oil, tucked under the lower flap of fat, and rubbed all along the top after searing, then roasted at 275 degrees until done (internal temp of 150)
Tiny whole onions marinated in balsamic, lemon, tip of honey, olive oil, bay leaves and thyme, baked, covered tightly until tender

Bruschetta with the best bread you can get your hands on, under a blanket of pan sauteed asparagus (with fried basil, garlic and lemon zest) and a dallop of sweet gorgonzola.

Piles of swiss chard, simmered until tender with a spill of olive oil and salt in the cooking water, and another spill of olive oil, paper thin slivers of garlic (barely sauted) and salt and pepper when it’s done.

For dessert:  Sour cream orange cake filled with sweetened mascarpone and a chunk of (dark) choclate on the side.

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