Onward and upward and Panpepatto

We were well fortified yesterday by our lunch of beautiful handmade sausages, pieces of pork loin, fresh bacon and turkey roasted on sticks in the fire, along with slowly roasted onions nesting in balsamic, blood orange juice, and a pinch of sugar. For dessert we made tiramisu, and then used all twenty five hours yesterday to get done all that we did, and I’m hoping that everybody sleeps at least an extra half an hour this morning before we go to the market in Camucia to wade through the explosion of fruits, vegetables, live chickens and cheese.
Yesterday, after following a man we met on bicycle for at least a few kilometers more than we expected in search of the best ice cream of Montevarchi, the gate was closed. It is critical in moments like these in life to move forward, upward, onward, and so we persisted until we semifreddo made from fresh cream and berries at Pasticceria Bonci along with a pepper chocolate confection called Panpepatto stuffed with hazlenuts, dried fruit, and candied ginger.

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