Pack it up

A friend of mine just posted a picture of 10 meals that she made for her family, labeled, dated, ziploc bagged and ready to be assembled.
When I leave my family–which is part of my job–I kiss them, I hug them and I wish them luck.
You would think I would do it because I’m a cook. I would think I would do it because I’m a cook.
I’ll tell you something. If I made ahead meals for everyday that I was away, I would show up at the airport looking like a shoe in for the Emperor’s New Clothes.
It wouldn’t be pretty for anybody.
In a pretend world: I would make crespelle

In one bag: thin delicate crepes. In another bag: sauteed spinach, garlic and mushrooms. In another bag: red sauce w/fresh basil In another bag: fresh mozzarella and in the fridge: a container of fresh ricotta and a triangle of Parmigiano Reggiano

On the bag: “Mix the spinach w/ricotta, moz and parm. Put a few tablespoonfuls at the edge of each crespelle and roll. Smooth some sauce onto a lasagna pan. Nestle the stuffed crespelle in there so they’re touching like grandma’s biscuits. Spoon sauce over the top. Make a white sauce yourself (it doesn’t freeze well.) Give it a few spoons of that. Sprinkle on more moz and parm without patting down. Bake covered for about a forty minutes. Uncover and let it go until it looks good. If you’re overwhelmed, wait for me. love, Mom”

for the recipe in its entirety: Crespelle

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