Pick a Plan

Do you ever have that feeling that you have so much to do, you might just dig a hole, climb in there and never come out? Or at the very least–if you have a child and climbing in a hole is not an option–open the garbage can, throw your computer in there and become one of those people who never leave their house again?
I do, and you would think that because I have so much work, I would be getting up at 5 and staying up until midnight. It’s not happening. I set the alarm for 5 and when it goes off, I look at the clock, I swear at the clock, I look at the clock again, I panic about not doing everything I need to do, and I go back to sleep until my son gets up at 7:30. Obviously some people can run a country or major business in a day, and then they exercise, they go to dinner, they kiss their husbands, they talk to their kids, and I don’t know how they do it. I am so tired at the end of the day that my desire to fall asleep is so strong it overwhelms my desire for world peace, for winning 10 million dollars, any of that.
What is this about? Is it because for some people who wait a ridiculously long time to have a baby, giving birth is the big finale? Or maybe I worry too much. If I didn’t worry so much, there would be a whole lot more highway in my brain to think efficiently.

Plan A:

I used to have a boss that would say to me “Faye, I am always available electronically.” (In my mind) I would say, “I hope you’re not saying that to your girlfriend.” His technique was to make a list of everything you have to do, with a box next to it, so that you can check each box as you finish each item. Getting things down in black and white is suppposed to prevent panic.

Plan B:

Simplify; make fried eggs for dinner. Cut up a bunch of potatoes into smallish cubes. Toss them with the most beautiful olive oil you have and some salt, and get them on a sheet pan. Roast them at 400 degrees until they are soft. Whack a bunch of asparagus about two thirds of the way down from the top, toss them with the same olive oil and salt, spread them out on a sheet pan, and get them in the oven. They will take a lot less time than the potatoes, and should be tender with a snap.

Fry some eggs in a heavy frying pan in olive oil, using a plate to nearly cover the pan so that the whites will set and the yolks will be runny. Season with a litte salt and pepper.

Grill or toast, some really good bread. On each slice, drizzle some olive oil, and top with some asparagus. Cover with an egg, and then a shower of parmesan peels.

Plan C: Get up at 5:30, have a cup of coffee, read the paper, and take a walk. The truth about most people that worry they don’t do enough is, they need a rest.

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