Puttin’ on the Peach

When it’s a struggle

to get up

from the raft of the bed

And to get through the list

that keeps rolling over

from yesterday

Leave it until tomorrow and eat some peaches.  Wait until you find the ones that are covered in a gentle fuzz of summer and smell like sweet red and yellow sun.  They should drip at first bite.  You can fold chunks of them into creamy yogurt with drizzles of honey or roast them with butter, sugar and sprigs of tarragon and set them onto toasted, buttered slivers of French baguette.

Peaches are excellent for dinner.  Start with a vinaigrette.  Use a jelly jar with a tight fitting lid to shake it up.  Add half a teaspoon of dijon, half a teaspoon of raspberry jam, a tiny pinch of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice from half a large lemon, a dash of red wine vinegar, a grind of pepper, and your best olive oil to taste.  The typical ratio is two parts oil to one part vinegar/acid, but I like it to have a bit of bite so I go edge on the side of vinegar.

Look for balance.

Once you’re happy with it, add half a finely chopped shallot.  Lightly toast a handful of walnut halves.  Wash and dry arugla leaves, chop a few peaches, one perfectly ripe tomato, rip a few basil leaves and toss everything together.  Taste again for salt and pepper.  It’s beautiful with a single slice of your favorite goat cheese as a garnish.

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