Recipe for Broccoli Rabe.

You know why? Because it’s quick and I have no time to brush more than six teeth. Slice more garlic than you think. For one bunch of Broccoli Rabe, I use 5 cloves, very thinly sliced, and I fry them ever so gently with a few sprigs of roughly chopped of flat leaf parsley and two pepperoncini. If you only have red pepper flakes, just put in a few, once you turn the heat off. In a pot of boiling water, a third of the way full, drop a spot of olive oil and another sprig of parsley. Add a dash of salt, cut off the stems below the wire on the Broc. Rab and simmer, covered for about 8-10 minutes. I know that’s a long time and you might like it crunchy, but you know what? It’s not good crunchy. It’s good just as it begins to go tender–no mush–but no crunch. One piece orange polyester pant suits with a wide collar, flares at the bottom, and buttons that went all the way down the front seemed like a good thing too for a while, but what it was, was experimental.
Lift the greens out when they are done, and let them drain in a colander while you cook about 9 ounces of the best quality pasta you can buy (Manducati’s Rustica on Vernon Blvd. has some of the best opposite the cash register) until al dente. Save some of the cooking water from the pasta (don’t forget to salt it before the pasta goes in.) Combine the Br. Ra., the garlic, and the pasta in the pasta pot over a low flame, and give it a few tablespoons of the pasta’s cooking water to smooth things out, along with a handful of finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano to zip things up. Taste for deliciousness, salt and pepper.

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