Recipe: lasagna

It,s always a question, how thin to roll out the pasta for the lasagna. I like it one setting away from the last option–but how can you not try to go for see through? We did both and had loads of noodles still hanging on the chairs after the lasagna went into the oven. Thing is, if you make your sauce with a Tuscan soffritto that takes half an hour, another twenty mintues to brown the beef, another twenty to ladle by ladle add the chicken stock u made that morning, and the Chianti from the hills beyond before the tomatoes you crush one by one with your hand to make it easier to fall in love with them go in…then the white sauce has to be made the pasta kneaded and rolled and the Parmigiano Reggiano grated…then you’re going to be hungry before the lasagna is ready. We sliced up the leftover pasta into ribbons and tossed it with fresh tomatoes and basil. Just a tiny bite, and then crunched on slivers of fresh fennel with olive oil, salt and a squeeze of lemon. We pushed on. Roasted plums with a little sugar and butter to go over a shortbread crust and tossed a salad. We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore.
If the wild boar haven’t climbed the tree before I could get to them, I may do something tonight with the figs that are a purply black and calling to me from next to the kitchen.

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