Recipe: Soup

Tonight, winter tonic. Soup started with 2 leeks, 3 cloves of fresh garlic (it’s a lot but it tastes really good), chopped flat leaf parsley and a few thyme sprigs til tender, then one potato peeled (yukon) and saute til it sticks to the pan. Salt and pepper. Then the top from on broccoli stalk, chopped, added to the saute. Then homemade chix stock til potatoes are tender. At last minute, a bunch of baby spinach, well rinsed, and stirred in the hot liquid until bright green.
Set it in a bowl of ice water to preserve color, sieve liquid, reserving it. Puree the solids, and add enough liquid to the right consistency. Add a bit of butter, grated parmesan cheese and if you like it, a drop of cream. (I like it.)

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