Recipes for Samantha

The Challenge: Get Samantha to cook more than just pasta and jarred sauce. A body needs protein and vegetables
(even at 19 years old.) Click below to see Faye cook it up.

Here is the letter that we sent with The Grocery List and Recipes:


Buy all of the ingredients and see what you are inspired to make. Let us know how much it costs.

Helpful Hints:

-make copies for your friends to join the challenge (more support)

-invite roommates to taste

-pretend you really want to do this


1 package of fully cooked turkey sausages–whatever flavor you like–we got the ones with red and green peppers. Ask the guy at the meat counter to find them for you if you have any trouble.

1 avocado–it should feel about as soft as the flesh between your index finger and your thumb.

1 pack of flour tortillas (or corn if you prefer those)

1 bag of carrots

2 shallots

1 head of garlic

1 pack of sharp cheddar cheese

1 box of frozen baby peas

1 box or bag of BABY romaine lettuce (or any super fresh looking salad greens)

1 little box of fresh basil (hanging in the salad section)

If you don’t have already–a little parmesan to grate yourself, a really good loaf of bread (Corner Bakery, in the Loop, is a great resource–have them slice the bread and then you can freeze it) and a little olive oil, de cecco pasta (blue box)
(a fresh lemon is good too)

Menu 1

Turkey sausages with peas and fried bread

Menu 2

Pasta with wilted baby romaine, fresh basil, shallots and garlic

Menu 3

Tortillas with cheddar, avocado and side of carrot sticks

Menu 4

Salad of baby greens, sauasages, avocado, cheddar cheese and croutons


Menu 1

Heat up a frying pan with a little spill of olive oil. Add sausage(s) along with one clove of UNCUT garlic, or if the outside paper is hard to get off, just make one slice in the garlic and throw it in the pan, paper and all. Add a piece of bread to the pan, and heat through.
When the sausages are brown, remove them (discard the garlic). Add a few tablespoons of water and a cup of peas. Let them simmer until the water is evaporated. If you like them buttery, add a little butter before serving with the sausages and bread.

Menu 2

(you can use sausages leftover from menu 1 or start fresh) Brown the sausages as above. Slice into chunks. Add to salad greens along with avocado (extra peas from menu one are good too) grated cheddar cheese and croutons that you make by spreading butter on one or two pieces of bread, toasting in the toaster oven and cutting into chunks. Dress with olive oil and salt and pepper (and a squeeze of lemon if you have it.)

Menu 3

Cook 1 cup of dried pasta so that it still has some bite to it. Save a little of the pastas cooking water in a cup. While the pasta is going, heat up a few tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan. Add one big clove of thinly sliced garlic, and 1 roughly chopped shallot. (remove the top and bottom bit, stand it on its end and slice through the middle. Slice the two halves however you want.) Add 4 -5 basil leaves and a pinch of salt. Cook til the onion is a little golden over low/medium heat. Turn off the heat. Toss the pasta into the frying pan and stir around with the basil mixture. Rip in a few more fresh basil leaves, a big handful of baby salad greens, and some parmesan cheese. Add a little of the reserved cooking water to make it all come together. (If you had some ricotta cheese, you could even add a little of that as well at the end.) Those croutons from menu 2 are good thrown right in the pasta if you have any leftover.

Menu 4

Heat up a frying pan. Add a few drops of olive oil. Set down one of the tortillas in the pan. Sprinkle on a handful of grated cheddar cheese. Add some chunks of avocados. Fold the tortilla in half and when it is a little golden on one side, flip and let it go a little golden on the other. This is good with carrot sticks. (a simple dip for carrots–a little plain yogurt, a little mayo and a dash of worcesterchire sauce)

We love you, and good luck!!!!

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