My husband and my mother in law thought it best if we had a convertible in Italy to truly appreciate the countryside by day and the stars at night.  My vote was that I have no time for convertibles-that I preferred a tractor with a roof.  They won.  And so last night after Jonathan was done with work, we went zipping through fields of hay and sunflowers with roof down to a tiny little movie festival in the town of Montone, where the whole village turns out to watch the films and eat ice creams in the piazza.  I have never seen so many stars.  Before we left, we only had time for something from the fridge.  I cut a new potato into teeny tiny bits and sauteed it with chopped onion and fresh basil, cooled it a bit, while I ripped up a loaf of yesterday’s ciabatta to saute it in garlic and olive oil, and then added the potato and onion to a bowl of beaten eggs.  That went into the frying pan to make a frittata, slowly pushing the sides until the bottom was set and top was still a bit runny.  I slid the frittata onto a plate, turned off the flame, gave it one more second in the hot pan, and then flipped it back on the plate.  We had it all of that along with string beans with more olive oil and garlic (throw in a little pepperoncino as well if you like it spicey), and Ferd’s birthday cake for dessert.

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