It was too hot to eat anything hot last night.  Farro (get it you’ll love it) with fresh basil, raw garlic, raw red tomatoes and a good solid pour of olive oil.  Salt and pepper, and that’s it.  Made a braising liquid with onion, celery, garlic clove, thyme and parsley, touch of white wine. Let that go 15 minutes, before adding carrot spears til tender\crisp, then after carrots were done, zucchini spears in the same liquid.  Served them with caper mayo.  Start with an egg yolk, whisk in lemon juice, s&p, fresh parsely, tiny bit of mint, then oil drop by drop until emulsified.  Another salad of bibb lettuce, toasted walnuts and pecorino stagianto with a little shallot, olive oil, lemon and salt.  Just in case hunger was deep, a frittata with roasted yellow peppers and new onions, dash of fresh parsley, salt and pepper.  Chocolate cake for dessert with cream and dallop of orange marmalade with a little vin santo stirred in. 

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