Sandwich style

When I was seven, I had a pair of fabulous pajamas my mother made for me that you could use for daywear, nightwear, or lounging. They were one piece, and they were red with tiny flowers, about twenty yellow bubble buttons that started at the neck, and wide, flared legs, and they had a matching bathrobe, in the same materieal, but quilted. I loved it, and I wore it in a fashion show, and then for one week straight, 24/7. Nothing beats a fabulous jumpsuit throughout the day, and into the night.
Croque-Monsieur is a lot like that. You can serve it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and if you cut them up, you can serve it for an appetizer.

Butter a bunch of good white bread on one side, and put them buttered side down on a sheet pan. Spread the other side with a fancy mustard and cover with slices of Gruyere and any baked ham without water added. Cover them with a second slice of buttered bread. Stick them under the broiler, and when they are browned, flip them, and stick them in again. Sprinkle with a little Gruyere on the top, and broil for one more minute.
Have them whole, sliced into triangles, or tiny squares. Madame has them with a fried egg on top. What is not to like about ham and cheese on toast with a classy name like Croque-Monsier?

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