Sharks in Lago Trasimeno

Just as life can do, the weather has been feeling undependable–high winds when calm was predicted, and a general lack of respect for plans that have already been put in place–but I think whenever possible, the key is to get a raincoat on and get out there. We made a picnic yesterday and took it to the shores of Lago Trasimeno, so that we could see for ourselves if all the rain last year really filled the water basin. Ferdinand made it all the way out to the floating dock on his own, but suddenly became convinced that there were sharks, and had to be escorted back. We ate piadina (much like wheat tortillas) stuffed with (very Greek) feta, baby arugula, baby red onion slivers, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, and then another with cannellini, garlic, parmigiano reggiano, fresh basil, olive oil, lemon. salt and pepper, a little red onion slivered in there as well, and if I had had some olives, I would have put them in one or the other, but I didn’t.
When it got too cold to swim, we jumped on the trampolines and rode around for three minute intervals in bumper boats. We would have gone for swimming in the tank of colored balls, but it was closed. We have been spending the past few days with Matilda, and Ferdinand fell in love. He cried quietly in the car all the home at the thought of leaving her, and ate dinner with a broken heart.

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