Show ‘em what you got

I just parallel parked in front of a packed house at the Fizz bar, in Lisciano Niccone. Lisciano Niccone has a total population of 64 people. Not that many, but a tough crowd to impress. Parallel parking is all I have got.

I have been coming to Lisciano for 25 years, but they don’t really believe I am an actual cook; I am an American.
I arrive to work in Italy without my child; never completely acceptable.
I speak Italian like a problematic car with a good paint job.

So, nothing. All I have got is the parking.
I did it in one fell swoop.

Unusual around these parts only because although they are only 64, they have a parking lot next to the bar for at least 100; more if people drove with a buddy. There is loads of parking around the fountain in the center and up the side streets you can park where you like. So there is absolutely never actually a need to parallel park.

There is no need to ride two ponies while standing up, wearing a pink tutu, but people do it.

I ate leftover osso bucco and risotto for dinner last night, with a side of fresh fennel. Dinner of champions.

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