The Usual

Every Thursday at 1:30, I get on the number 7 train, connect at Grand Central for the 6 local to Astor Place, or if I’m really feeling crazy, for the 4 or 5 express, to 14th street, so that I can walk the last few blocks to Astor Place. To get home, I get on the 6 local going uptown at Astor Place, or just go bonkers, and walk up to 14th street for the express to take me to Grand Central, and then home on the 7. Yesterday, I turned the world on it’s side, and bypassed the 4, 5 and 6 all together. I walked to the 7 train. Everything feels different when you make a change, which is why I don’t change so much. Who has the time for feeling different? This is the way I know, so this way is the way I’m going to do it…over and over and over again.

Forget moving or leaving or even botox; think spinach. Everytime I look at spinach, I think olive oil, salt and garlic. Or olive oil, garlic, salt and a red pepper flakes. Or cream. Salad. And then it’s like a loop–I start all over from the beginning.
It could have been seeing one of the most beautiful train stations in the world from the outside, massive sculpted men and swags, and leaded windows on the old wooden doors to go inside, and then on the inside, a breathtaking skyscape of stars–did you know that if you stand in one corner of the great hall, and your friend stands in the opposite corner, with a normal voice and crowds of people, you can hear your friend?)
if you stay down in the bowels of the subway for the ride, you miss this–but last night I pulled out the spinach and toasted coriander seeds instead. I crushed the seeds (1 teasp.)and stirred them into simmering onion, (1 medium) garlic (2 cloves) and fresh ginger (2 inches), added a shake of curry powder (1 teasp.).
I let the onions go, adding a bay leaf, salt, and a sprig of parsley, until they were completely soft. I peeled and chopped 3 yukon gold potatoes and threw them in with the onions over low to medium heat until they started to stick to the pan. I added water to come to the top of the potatoes and a little more salt. When the potatoes were tender, I added small bag of baby spinach leaves and a shot of cream. I served it with basmati rice. On the side, you could always have a little dahl (spicy lentils) and a bowl of fresh pineapple.
I liked it. I might even do it again.

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