Snack time

I am not a believer in making a whole lot of horse doovers. If they eat all of what I make before dinner, then I get my knickers in a twist that they don’t eat dinner. If they don’t eat the horse doovers, I wonder what’s the matter with them. The holidays bring enough problems. Stick to nuts. Almonds look good, they are versatile and they don’t go bad. You could bake them into your cookies the next day if you had to, or stir them into your granola. Try toasting them with a knob of butter, a dash of sea salt, a piece of lemon zest, a few sprigs of thyme and a halved clove of garlic. Give them a grind of black of pepper when they’re done. (If you’re thinking you really might need them for dough the next day, leave out the garlic just in case.) Serve with green olives (I love Picholine or Taggiasche) and a bowl of clementines. That’s it.

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