snacking on sausages

The birds sang through the night and I listened. I ate beef tongue for the first time in my life yesterday
and to calm my cow guilt I followed with a strong cup of coffee. I think if a cow were upset if you ate it,s tongue it would be equally upset about you chewing on it,s ribs, but somehow delicately slicing through somebody,s tongue felt like adding insult to injury. Guilt does not neccessarily have rhyme or reason.

For class we rolled out pasta on the kitchen table, had a stock simmering on the back of the stove that we fed to our meat sauce along with pours of deep red wine for a lasagna bolognese. We pulled the stems from a pile of Swiss chard, chopped them up and braised them separately from their leaves, then tossed them all with sautéed slivers of garlic and whole pepperoncino. We snacked on the sausages that we braised and seared to flavor our sauce once the sauce was cooked, we snacked on cucumber with dollops of mascarpone and fresh mint, and we kept on snacking on raw fennel with olive oil and lemon and then on roasted fennel.
We chopped up almonds as best as we could and then added just enough egg whites to hold them together and just enough sugar to sweeten them. We spooned it out into little hillocks on a cookie sheet and baked them until the tops looked nearly done.
Then we ate until we could eat no more.

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