By the time yesterday ended I think I lost a third of my hair, which I plan to tape back on my head, and I had eaten most of every flavor of ice cream in my refrigerator, without ever bothering to get a bowl. My family isn’t well, and my computer is on crutches, neither of which are any help in my efforts to be efficient and get my job done. I want to know how women work and have children. Are there “no speaking to the mother rules” in effect during business hours? Are women wearing their pajamas, and I just don’t notice? I think I have to buy some new pajamas. I’m about ten hours late posting my blog; I don’t think it’s dinner time anywhere on the planet at this point, so I’m going to tell you about some really good snacks:

Cheese on toast.

Roasted potatoes with a side of black olives, a little goat cheese, some roasted red peppers and wilted escarole with garlic

Chic peas pureed with a little cayenne pepper, roasted garlic, and lemon served with cold chicken and strained yogurt and cucumber with salt

Sausage with fresh mozzarella, oven roasted eggplant, and sauteed spinach on a hard roll.

Great big, homemade garlic croutons made in the oven with olive oil and parmesan. Serve with a little dish of spicy tomato sauce.

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