at work last night, I was trying to think of something chocolate, and I remembered chocolate ginger cake. I had to call Ferd to get him to find the book with the recipe, and then I had to wait because Ferd has his phone set to not pick up. I’m not feeling so good at the moment, not in a bad way–just in the way that someone pushed you into the train tracks when the train was coming, and somebody else pulled you out. I’m fine. I could just use a boost. Chocolate ginger cake is a boost, and the perk of being the cook is, you get a piece. There is a roman chocolate ginger cake with enough ginger to be medicinal. I use about half that amount. you don’t want to miss the forest for the trees.

For 250 g of 72% dark chocolate, use 3/4 cup of sugar, 4 inches of grated ginger root (40 g), 2 tablespoons of fine polenta, tiny pinch of baking powder, 2 sticks of unsalted butter and 5 eggs. Beat the eggs with the sugar until tripled in volume and add a teaspoon of vanilla. Melt the chocolate with the butter and add the grated ginger, the polenta and baking powder and vanilla. Add one third of the egg mixture, folding it in gently with your hand, and then add the rest. Bake at 350 until just set, a cake tester should come out with a wet crumb clinging to its side. Cool and then refrigerate. Toss sliced strawberries with a good rum and sugar to taste. Whip cream to very gentle, sloping peaks with a 10X sugar to taste and a little vanilla. Add to mascarpone in portions of 4 parts cream to 1 part mascarpone. Whisk gently to combine. Spread over cooled cake and serve the berries on the side. I covered half the cake in Spring blossoms to remind me it’s on the other side.

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