Stepping up

Today Ferdinand is stepping up from Pre-K. I don’t know whose big idea it was to have a graduation ceremony, but it wasn’t any good for any of us who wanted to sleep last night. Ferd was worried about the refreshments, he was worried about what he was going to wear and if he was going to remember to wear it, and he doesn’t want to graduate from Pre-K. He likes it. I don’t blame him. Who would want to leave a teacher that loves you, big windows for waving to your mama and daddy, and your own bathrooms, no 10 year olds allowed? I didn’t tell him that I quit kindergarten, but I did tell him that mama was coming upstairs on the first day next year and not leaving until he wanted me to, and if there wasn’t any room, I would just shove the other kids over and share a chair.
I have no time for rules when it comes to separation and kindergarten. I don’t believe in learning about the harsh realities of the world when you are five. I believe in cushy.
I am bringing lemonade and we made a pound cake stuck with rainbow toothpicks that have little flags flying from them. I wrote everybody’s names on the flags and Ferd decorated them. Then we worried we might not have enough cake so we made chocolate cookies and gingersnaps. I might bring a back up of shortbread.
For dinner we are having hotdogs on toasted hoagies and corn on the cob and roasted potatoes and peach ice cream for dessert.

One thought on “Stepping up

  1. Oh so yummy – the cake sounds like a yummy idea.. And I agree with you on the Pre-K graduation ceremony.. thing!!! Who’se idea was that – like goodie bags – who thought of that idea.. I took a stand long ago – no goodie bags.. I just spent too much money on a party and now you want goodie bags. sorry..

    We’ve got friends in town.. and I just threw a vegetarian wine and nibblies reception for 9. The table was truly international – used the yummy olive oil as part of a feta cheese stuffing in tomatoes, along side stuffed grape leaves, three different olive spreads, strawberry/melon salad, yummy crackers and fresh BERGKASE, greek olives, apple/chutney/brie in filo dough, and to top it off, Girl Scout Mint cookies and Peanut MnMs… We had some really good Tuscan wines and French Red wine. Most of what we served came from the fabulous markthalle in downtown Stuttgart.

    Nighty night..

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