Stock for all ills

I’m not feeling so well. I don’t know if it’s the hundreds of people that were sneezing and coughing yesterday in that hot little room in the court, or if it’s just the overwhelming feeling that I don’t want to serve on a jury when I have so much to do.
I’ll make stock tonight. Use raw chicken wings and backs and bring them to a boil in plenty of water. Throw out the water as soon as it comes to a boil. Add new water, and for every pound and a half of bones (look for ones that come from chickens fed no antibiotics), add a carrot, a celery stalk, a large onion, a few stalks of fresh parsley, a bay leaf, a fresh thyme sprig, a whole garlic clove, and a little tomato skin or piece of a tomato. Cook this for as long as you can, skimming for about the first half hour. When it is reduced to the taste you like, strain it, pushing the vegetables through the strainer. Add salt to taste and cook a little pastina in there or small noodles.
Take care of yourself.

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