Raining this morning with rolling thunder, but at 10 am the fog looks like it might be lifting, albeit with the hurry of a sleeping sloth.
All my people arrived by dinner. I ended up making lentils with fresh tomato, fresh shallot, fresh bay leaves, olive oil and balsamic (nothing cooked but the lentils), faro salad with braised asparagus and fresh fave that were quick sautéed in olive oil that had half a head of uncut garlic, fesh mint, fresh marjoram, fresh parsley already sautéed in there and at the end, once faro et al were tossed together, I smashed up a bit of the whole cloves of garlic, tore in some fresh basil, gave it a little more olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and some zest. Plates of pecorino, prosciutto, salami, lupini (salted brined beans) and sweet gorgonzola with salad.
Completely forgot dessert so whipped up zabaglione and poured it into wine glasses with cut up strawberries on top. (1 egg to 1 T sherry to 1 egg yolk per person, beaten over simmering water in heatproof bowl til tripled in volume.)

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