I haven’t seen the ladies all day, not even for breakfast.  They left for Florence before the sun came up and have yet to return.  It’s a funny thing not to have to get up and make your way to the top of the mountain when normally you have to get up.  I got up.  I made coffee, I heated milk and while I waited I cleared off the table and I mopped the floor.  It’s better to stay in practice than just sit in a chair and lay your head back and then fall back to sleep.  I made notes, I drank chai from the second round of people in the house that got up, I got dressed I shopped, came back, hugged my friend Caroline who is back from Africa, and made my way to the top of the mountain.  Now is the pregnant pause of waiting.  As soon as they return we will be searing and braising ribs and stirring our way through the last night with a wild mushroom risotto.  Panna cotta for dessert.

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