Ribs on the grill

You can go along doing things the same way, same eggs, same walls, same hair, until you do or you don’t decide, that’s it.
I cut my hair with the kitchen scissors with one go. I held it all behind my head with one hand, and cut it with the other. There were only a few stray pieces to cope with.
The butcher suggested ribs. For the past 8 years I have seared themmas a single rack, then braised them in white wine with garlic and rosemary. I asked him how he makes them. He cut the rack in half and then in individual pieces. “Make a wood fire” he said, “then smash a little fresh garlic with sea salt to make a paste, give it a little pour of balsamic, a pour of white wine, and a grind of pepper. Give the ribs a good rub with it and when the wood has burned down to white embers, season the ribs with a bit more salt, and grill each rib on all sides. ”
My feet are wet and the water looks good.
(If not measuring feels too risky, for a (cut) rack that would feed ten, use about a quarter cup of white wine, 2 tablespoons of balsamic, two cloves of garlic and a grind of pepper.)