Taking with

I’m taking with me: almonds, apple, raisins, 9 grain bread, crackers, cheese, carrot, I FORGOT CHOCOLATE.
I’ll buy some at the deli on they way.
All of my luggage fits in 1 bag, 12 inches, by 12 inches by 16 inches, including my ipad and my pocketbook.
I am wearing an awful lot of clothing, and I have eaten an awful lot of lunch.
I’ll be transferring from the 7 train to the E train to the Airtrain to JFK and then to London. In London transferring from Heathrow express to Paddington Station to Liverpool Station to Stansted Express to Ryanair to Tours, France.
Tomorrow I will eat a croissant at Metry in Bourgeuil on my way to buy 30 liters of a fine red wine from Mssr. Jerome Godfrey.

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