Teach me how to cook some fish, mama.

Listen, it’s a fish. It’s not an elephant, or even an octopus. And the truth is, that there aren’t a whole lot of people in the city or the suburbs who are out finding the worms, catching the fish, cleaning the fish, and then cooking the fish. All you have to do is get the nerve up to go over to the fish counter, have a conversation with the person behind the fish counter, and check out their goods. There should be some whole fish on display that have clear eyes and red gills and a sweet smell to them. If there is nothing around the fish counter that looks like it may have been alive in the past 24 hours or so–find yourself another fish counter. If the fish you are buying is already cut into steaks or filets, be sure it looks plump, tight, and without any sliminess or weird discoloration.
Try a little firm fleshed white fish–a seabass maybe. Buy yourself some potatoes, fresh rosemary and good olive oil.
When you get home, heat the oven to 450 degrees, and slice about 6 medium potatoes as thinly as possible. Oil a baking dish with the olive oil, and add the potates, giving them a little spill of olive, a small smashed and minced clove of garlic, salt and freshly ground pepper.
Toss them around and press them flat. Bake this uncovered until the potatoes are just about tender. Season 2 pounds of fish filets with a little salt and pepper on both sides, oil them up with your olive oil, and lay them on top of the potatotes, with a little sprig of fresh rosemary under each one. Back in the oven for 10 minutes. Baste with the pan juices, and then back in the oven for maybe another 4 minutes or just until the fish flakes with a fork.
Allow it to rest for a moment before serving with fresh lemon, and big bowl of garlicky string beans.

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