Tell that celery how much you love it

There are many days that we all feel like a bunch of celery.

Celery gets bought with the notion it could help. It looks fresh and pretty with those pale green leaves at the top and firm full stalks; it will make life and soup even more delicious. Better days lie ahead.

And then you forget about it.

It sits in a crisper drawer. The problem that you don’t really want it outweighs inviting it to dinner. It starts to age a little bit, wilt a little bit and pretty soon it’s just taking up space.

The truth is, celery can’t always make it on its own radiance. When I wake up looking like a leftover head of not so crunchy anymore stalks I think gold earrings. I think good looking shoes, and my grandmother’s favorite-I think “put a smile on your face.” Now think of all that in terms of celery. Tell that celery you love it and that you’ll slice it up to be the best celery it can be.

Rinse off a few capers packed in salt, zest up a lemon, slice the celery paper thin and toss them all of that up with a drizzle of your best olive oil a twist of rough chopped flat leaf parsley.

For creamy, dreamy: Cut the celery into thick diagonals. Blanche in simmering water for five minutes with salt, a thyme sprig and a bit of butter. Remove the celery and dry off.

Reduce heavy cream w/thyme sprig, and inch of lemon zest minus the white pith, and a chunk of shallot. When it’s thickened, strain through a sieve and taste for salt and black pepper. Pour over the celery. Bake at 375 until the celery is tender.

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