This Thanksgiving, Ferdinand and I are going out to eat. I have never been out to eat on Thanksgiving, so it feels like I am going somewhere I have never been. Like Aruba, or Copenhagen. I chose the most magical menu I could find. I am going to wear clothes I would never wear if I were cooking and I am going to eat everything they give me.
I am thankful for my boy who is becoming a beautiful man.
I am thankful for my best friends. They love me always. They don’t care if it’s muddy rivers or the sun melting over mountaintops. There they are.
I am thankful for my cooking. For reasons more than one, but this Thanksgiving, especially for the love it has brought me.

And I don’t doubt that even though I have pretty nice ankles and some good jokes, it was my cooking that hooked him. I roll out dough, throw meat on the fire, simmer soups, and wait for clams to pop with all I have got, just to see him smile.
Cooking brought my heart a home.

This week, I am going to make Thanksgiving for you and you make whatever moves you. Get your apron on.


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