That was last night, this is today

Last night I carried all of my pots, pans, knives and graters, bowls, whisks, and sheets pans to Manhattan and made a wild mushroom frittata, heirloom tomato confit tart, crositini with roasted butternut squash and cannellini, fresh fennel salad with green apple and chive, to start, swiss chard and fresh ricottoa gnocchi (gnudi) as a mini first course to get the appetite going, mushroom risotto for the first course, seared wild alaskan king salmon with a salsa verde on a bed of warm potato and braised leek salad for the main course, tossed green salad with a cheese platter in case there was anybody still hungry, and why not keep going? I say, if you are going to eat, eat. For dessert, a roasted grape and Italian plum tart.
Today’s menu we have an option of cold cereal or a fried egg, all day.

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