The beautiful thing

about being on your own is that you can eat what you want. You want a hardboiled egg and leftover Halloween candy for dinner? That’s okay. You want to eat popcorn until your lips swell? Nobody’s going to say boo diddly.
Ferdinand pays no attention to my plate, so he doesn’t notice that he has chicken soup with a side of vegetables and fruit while I’m eating cheddar cubes and peanuts in the shell with corn chips.
The truth is, I’ve been cleaning out the fridge. I had leftover risotto cakes three times in a row. I ate boiled beets wrapped in lettuce w/pignoli and parmesan and a Friendly’s style plate of sliders and cottage cheese and the remains of a tomato. It’s not food you want to serve to your husband but fulfills the martyr in you. The refrigerator is now empty.
I feel fully qualified to drive covered wagons. Ferdinand will wave me on.
Thank God Jonathan is home tomorrow.

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