The benefit of props

I love making gnocchi, tiny little pillows of hot mashed potato ever so gently folded together with an egg and just enough flour to hold the dough. I love them because a hand touches each and every one of them before they go into the water; it’s like eating little kisses. I know get all sentimental when I’m here, but what are else are you going to do, cooking on the top of a mountain with a massive fire in the fire place, olive trees and grape vines all around you and the fresh sage that you need to fry for your butter sauce, growing at your feet?
We made Monte Bianco for dessert, roasting the chestnuts until they popped, and then simmering them in milk. Then you melt the chocolate, add a little Vin Santo or rum, and press the whole thing through a ricer to make it look as much like Monte Bianco as you can. Whip the cream, and drop it onto the top.

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