The lease

has been done on a handshake. As a back up the lawyer is drawing one up on paper. When we sign it, I can tell you where it is.

I’ll give you a hint: Queens

The landlord asked me “So, what kind of food you going to make?”

I said “2 things every night. One no meat, and one meat/fish/poultry. Only 2 choices and different every night. Fresh. Good. Like home. Who goes home and gets a menu with 142 items? They can have this or they can have that. That’s it.”

“You know” he said “I don’t go out. But when I go out I don’t even want the menu. I just say bring me the chicken. That’s it. The waiter says, you don’t even want the sauce? And I say, you want to bring the sauce on the side, you can bring it.”

“That’s it.”

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