The love thing continues

I think we have found our favorite bruschetta: roasted asparagus with gorgonzola dropped over the top of it, set onto a warmed piece of bread, rubbed ever so lightly with a raw piece of garlic, and drizzled with the best olive oil you can find.
The only thing you need after that is a paper thin piece of prosciutto, and you don’t even need the bread.
That was the night before. Last night we got the love thing going on with the risotto. And then right at the end, pear tart. Make shortbread crust in one pan, and roast the pears, unpeeled and quartered (bosc) with globs of butter and spoonfuls of sugar in the other, at 400 degrees. When both are just about going golden, and the pears give little resistance to a sharp knife, they are done. Right before serving, pile the pears in their buttery glory ontop of the pastry, and serve with cream whipped until it barely holds together.

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