the market on a Tuesday

Market in Bourgueil this morning. got a crush as big as a tuna on the fruit and veg man.
bought skinny h. Vert and purple lettuce. couldn,t think of anything else.
absolutely pouring down rain when I was trying to buy a 10 pound bag of grey sea salt tied with a blue ribbon. Nobody there. she was having a coffee at the Pause bar, but I waited for her. and thank goodness, because right next to me was a man offering slivers of goat salami to taste which just about knocked my boots off. I have no idea what he said to me in French, and he had no idea what I was saying back in English, but you can tell someone is happy in any language. bought four of those, two whole sea bass, pile of leeks, that celery that makes me cry because of how delicious it is, rice, butter, the last tomatoes of the season (for cancasse), lemons, bread pointed like a turret and wine.
Back at Champfreu in Varenness and ready to cook.

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